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    Are you a homeowner looking for a fence to keep your pet or kids in the yard? Perhaps your current fence could use a facelift with a complete replacement or a few simple repairs? Or maybe you recently installed a pool and are looking for a nice wrought iron fence to be installed. No problem! At Andrew-Thomas Contractors is Denver’s best fence company and we can help you design the fence of your dreams. Whether you need it for security or want to enclose your pool or commercial lot, we have it all.

    Fence Repair

    Perhaps you don’t need a full new fence installed but just need to replace those rotted, bent, and broken fence posts or fence pickets. Andrew-Thomas Fence Contractor Denver can help with that! If you need fence repair service done, give us a call. We can make repairing your fence a breeze. No need to sweat over going to a home improvement store, trying to find the right material, style and size of pickets and end up coming home with the wrong sizes. We can assess the damaged and worn out parts that need to be repaired and have it done for you in no time!

    New Fence Installation

    For fence installations in and around Denver, residents have counted on Andrew-Thomas Fence Contractor Denver as the trusted fence contractors serving the Denver areas. It is our main focus and goal to be a customer-focused team that produces the best results. Our highly-trained professional fence installation crew has been serving the Denver area for over 15 years installing fences. Whether you are in search of a commercial fence or a residential fence, we will work directly with you to ensure that you are more than satisfied with your new fence when we walk off your lot.

    New Fence Installation Process

    Whether you are looking for a chain link fence installation, wood fence installation, vinyl fence installation, or wrought iron fence installation, we can do it all at an affordable cost!

    Trusted Fence Installers

    It is hard to know whether or not a fencing contractor really is a trusted fence installer. Andrew-Thomas Contractors is Denver’s locally trusted fence installation crew. We have been installing new fences for over 15 years. Every fence installer at Andrew-Thomas Contractors knows everything there is to know about a fence. We work hands on with you to ensure that you are getting the best quality of fence, in the right location, made from the right material, and installed on schedule. We take the time to get to know your desired needs and fence styles prior to installing your new fence. Every single project is treated individually. No two projects are the same. Every fence installation we do is given the time and attention it deserves. For professional, trusted fence installers, choose Andrew-Thomas Contractors. At Andrew-Thomas Contractors, we are always offering FREE estimates, FREE land inspections, and YEAR-ROUND installation service!

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    Client Reviews

    Great experience with a company that has served Arvada and surrounding communities for many years. Received a fair, accurate estimate... a firm start date that the company honored... efficient installation and full clean up. With all the new construction on the NW side of town, fencing services are in demand and it is not cheap... but if you want a reputable company with a history of keeping its commitments, A-T Contractors is a great choice.
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    Dale Becker
    These guys were phenomenal, reasonably priced, and professional. They're definitely not monkeys in a truck looking for a quick buck. The care and quality of work speaks for itself. They made sure I stayed informed throughout the process, and that I was happy with the work before they sent a bill. I cannot recommend them enough.
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    Julia Perry
    These guys were great! Kyle was very forthright in the scheduling and pricing. The team was extremely professional, finished the job in a timely fashion (1.5 days as promised) and did an excellent job constructing our fence. Our gate is on a hill so they had to custom build it and it really looks fantastic. I would definitely recommend!
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    Angie Roberts Selzer

    Our Fence Installations In the Denver Metro Area

    Denver Fence Regulation Questions

    You’ve Got Questions, we’ve got answers…

    Do I Need a Permit to Install Our Fence in Denver?

    Every municipality, Denver included, has building codes that extend to the exterior of your property. As such, any fence installation or replacement must comply with these codes. As your fence installation contractor, we can help with any necessary fence permits and ensure your installation meets or exceeds your local building codes.

    In some cases, a permit may not be needed at all. For example, under Denver Zoning Code 10.5.5, a front or backyard fence 4ft or less in height does not require a zoning permit.

    Can We Keep the Top of The Fence Level?

    This is an interesting question we hear a lot. Despite some confusion, there is a marked difference between “level” and “straight”. Although we can absolutely keep the fence straight, plotted to whatever course or property line you wish, it is almost always advisable to follow the contour of the ground as far as being ‘level’ is concerned. That said, we always do our best to keep the fence as level as the terrain allows. In other cases, utilizing ‘stepped’ panels may be the most appropriate solution.

    How High Can My Fence Be in Denver?

    Privacy is a major concern (and benefit) for our fence customers. Generally speaking, 6ft is the maximum. Anything over 6ft is usually considered a “structure” and requires a different type of permit.

    Based On Denver Zoning Codes, Can I Have My Fence Installed Right on the Property Line?

    According to Denver zoning codes, fences must be installed no less than 6” back from any public sidewalk.

    Boundary fences, those placed directly on the property line, have a special set of regulations and statutes that apply to both their installation and maintenance

    Our team can help you find the right solution and work with you to ensure your fence is everything you hoped for.

    How Long Will The Fence Installation Last Given the (sometimes) Harsh Climate in Denver?

    There are a few factors that can contribute to fence longevity: materials used, style of fence, climate, use/abuse, and upkeep/maintenance.

    However, in general, the following are broad estimates:

    • Wood fencing: Spruce (4-7 years), Pine (5-12 years), Cedar (15-30 years)

    • Metal Fences: such as chain link or wrought iron can last for decades

    • Vinyl/PVC: largely impervious to weather these can last upwards of 30+ years

    Do I Need to Be In My Denver Home when My Fence is Installed?

    Although it is preferred that you are on-site in case of any issues that arise, this is not at all a requirement. That said, being available by phone in case of any unforeseen problems is advisable.

    What Is a “Rock Charge”?

    The depth of your fence’s posts is one of the most important aspects of your fence, providing a solid foundation to support your fence for years to come. Certain Denver building codes also require specific post depths that we must adhere to.

    In some cases, our crew may run into unforeseen issues, such as rock beds, large rocks, hard clay or other obstructions that make reaching the ideal post depth a challenge. We’ll always let you know if this is the case and show you the issue so you can verify yourself. Should you wish to proceed, we may advise you of a “rock charge” to cover the additional labor and/or use of power tools to achieve optimal post depth.

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    Quality fence contractor Services in Denver

    Unlike other fence contractors in Denver, we offer year-round fence installation; even in the heart of winter.

    Our goal is to make you happy with your new, custom fence. That is why no two projects are ever the same. Andrew-Thomas Contractors fence contractors focus on finishing projects according to specifications and deadlines. You can trust that we will get your new fence installed properly and in a timely manner.

    Andrew-Thomas Contractors will follow HOA guidelines as provided by the homeowner to make sure you are in line with their requirements. We are also happy to assist you with any questions you may have when dealing with the HOA to help with the process.

    Denver Fence Contractor Frequently Asked Questions

    Most of our fences have warranties. Warranties vary per type of fence and manufacturers, please contact us about your desired fence installation and we can provide you the warranty information on that product.

    We have been in business since 2006.

    After 16 years as a fence contractor in Denver we have installed 1000’s of fences in the Denver area.

    Our satisfaction rate is closer to 99% because we address any reasonable complaints to make sure the customer is happy with their fence.

    There is no licensing available in Colorado for fencing contractors.

    Our team is trained on all new products per the manufacturer’s recommendations that we install and has decades of experience installing fences.

    License numbers vary by city, we have tons of them throughout the metro area and Denver specifically does not issue licenses for fence companies as it’s not needed for permitting.

    We are insured in accordance with local requirements.

    Materials are sourced from local suppliers. It varies by availability and cost.

    A customer can prepare for a fence installation by clearing all obstacles from both sides of the fence and making sure we have access to a water spigot and power for our extension cords.

    That really depends on the project and time of year but we try to stay around 2-4 weeks if material is available.

    2-4 days average for a standard perimeter fence

    Again depends, but we try to stay near 2-4 weeks

    Always wester red cedar for every component of the fence.

    No, screws take much longer and provide no significant improvement.  We use ring shank nails (exterior grade) which bite like screws once the wood shrinks.

    In almost every circumstance it’s 6 feet for a residential fence.  The customer may apply for a variance with the city/county for anything over 6 feet.

    We install ornamental steel which has all but eliminated on site welded “wrought iron”.  It’s cheaper, easier to install and can be repaired much more easily than welded wrought iron.  The coating is better also which keeps rust at bay.

    We can incorporate a retaining wall with the fence that will help hold back landscaping.

    We use an industry standard anti sag latch that can be operated and locked from both sides of the fence.

    We can install single or double steel frame gates up to 16 feet in width.

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