Commercial Fencing Contractors in Denver, Colorado

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    If your commercial property is in need of a new exterior fence, contact Andrew-Thomas Contractors. Our experienced team can help provide you with the perfect fence for your property’s unique needs. We offer a wide variety of different commercial fencing options, affordable pricing, and a highly professional installation team, allowing us to be your one-stop-shop for a brand new commercial fence in the Denver area.

    Wooden Commercial Fences

    Wooden fences are very popular due to their low cost and classic look. Wooden fences are also very versatile and come in a variety of styles, including solid board fences, spaced picket fences, board-on-board fences, horizontal wood fences, and split rail fences. With so many options, there is sure to be a wooden fence that satisfies your commercial property’s needs.

    Chain Link Commercial Fences

    Chain link fences are quite common on commercial properties, as they offer some security but don’t restrict the view of the property from the street. Andrew-Thomas Contractors offers simple metal chain link fences and vinyl coated chain link fences, ensuring that your new fence will help you create the look you’ve always wanted for your commercial property.

    Vinyl Commercial Fences

    At Andrew-Thomas Contractors in Denver, we offer an extensive collection of vinyl fencing options in multiple designs and colors. Vinyl fences are very durable and long-lasting, so you will likely only ever need to install one vinyl fence on your commercial property. They are also very low maintenance, saving you headaches down the road.

    Our Commercial Fence Installation Process

    Once you have decided on a commercial fence from Andrew-Thomas Contractors, our experienced installation team will schedule a time to install the fence on your property. We pride ourselves on our highly professional installation process, which allows us to be as respectful of your time and property as possible. Our team shows up on time, they complete the job efficiently and effectively, and they always clean up the workspace when the job is done. You can always trust the work of Andrew-Thomas Contractors

    Commercial Gate Installation

    We provide and install commercial gates with a variety of options. Call for a free quote.

    Swing gates and Double Swing Gates

    Swing gates are the most cost effective and the
    best solution in most instances. If the area allows, they are able to
    swing 180 degrees in one direction and can be made to fit up to 40′
    openings. These gates can be fitted with barbed wire as needed and
    range from $1500-$10,000+ installed depending on size and specs.

    Roll Gates

    Roll gates are another option, they roll on a rear track and have front
    carrier wheels meaning they can be a bit tricky when it comes to
    installing them on any sort of grade. They can also be a bit heavy and
    harder to operate especially when they need to be rolled closed through
    snow or mud. We do not typically recommend these as they can require
    frequent shifting to meet the closing spot as well as maintenance.


    Cantilever gates are a great option if the budget allows. They
    typically start at $10,000 but can be automated and are fully suspended
    with rear rollers meaning they do not require carrier wheels that may
    get stuck or become misaligned frequently. These gates are almost
    exclusively used in commercial and industrial applications but are
    extremely durable and long lasting with minor maintenance. The rear
    rollers can be replaced if they become inoperable as well.

    Dumpster Enclosures

    Dumpster enclosures are relatively easy to install using chain link
    fencing. The gates can be hinged to swing 180 degrees in one direction
    for clearance and can be built in custom sizes to accommodate more than
    one dumpster in an area if needed. Privacy slats can also be added to
    the chain link to provide more of a visual barrier as well, these slats
    come in a variety of sizes and colors. We recommend chain link as the
    trucks have been known to bump into gates, gate posts etc. and steel is
    going to be much more durable than wood. Any bump into a wood enclosure
    typically renders the gates unusable either immediately or rather
    quickly. Dumpster enclosures can be completed in as little as two days.

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