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    When it comes to decreasing accidents and protecting people, safety bollards are high-visibility boards help to increase awareness and provide physical barriers that are meant to help protect people, property, and products. At Andrew-Thomas Contractors in Denver, we take the stress of the unknowns away. We make it our goal to give each customer a safety bollard and barrier installation that they are satisfied with. We take the time to work directly with you from start to finish helping you choose the right material and the right location. Andrew-Thomas Contractors is Denver’s trusted, locally owned fencing contractor.

    Safety bollards that can be installed are:

    Check out our different styles of safety bollards that we can install. Don’t see what you are looking for? No problem. Let us know and we will work with you to set something up to get you exactly what you are looking for.


    Architectural Bollards


    Concrete Bollards


    Flexible Bollards

    Plastic Covers

    Plastic Bollard Covers


    Decorative Bollards


    Shortened Bollards


    Commercial Bollards


    Bollards with Lights

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    Safety Bollard Installation Process

    Our safety bollard installation process begins with our bollard crew coming out to inspect the land where the bollards are to be installed at no cost to you. We then follow up with a free estimate based off your desired safety bollard style and size. Don’t know what style of bollard you are looking for? No problem. We can help you out! We can do it all at an affordable cost!

    If you are in need of a safety bollard, contact Andrew-Thomas Contractors in Denver. We can save you money on safety bollards and exactly what you need for your business. We wouldn’t put anything in your business that we wouldn’t put in ours. At Andrew-Thomas Contractors, we are always offering FREE estimates, FREE land inspections, and YEAR-ROUND installation service!

    At Andrew-Thomas Contractors, we are always offering FREE estimates, FREE land inspections, and YEAR-ROUND installation service!

    FAQs for Safety Bollards Installation in Denver with Andrew-Thomas Contractors

    1. What is the purpose of safety bollards?

    Bollards are a great way to keep people, property, and goods safe because they are very visible and help spread awareness. In order to improve safety and reduce accidents, they are crucial.

    1. Why choose Andrew-Thomas Contractors for safety bollard installation in Denver?

    Andrew-Thomas Contractors removes any anxiety from the installation process and places a premium on happy customers. From the initial consultation to the final installation of your safety bollards, our Denver fencing company will be there every step of the way as a reliable, family-owned business.

    1. What types of safety bollards can be installed?

    Architectural, concrete, flexible, plastic, retractable, security, and light-equipped safety bollards are all available from our inventory. We are happy to collaborate with you to create a unique solution if you cannot find what you are seeking.

    1. Can I see examples of the different styles of safety bollards you offer?

    Learn more about the several kinds of safety bollards we can set up by visiting our website. Please let us know if there are any other requirements that are not addressed here, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

    1. How does the safety bollard installation process work?

    An initial step in our installation process is a complimentary site assessment of the designated area for the bollards. After you tell us what kind of safety bollards you want and how big you want them, we’ll give you a free quote. We provide reasonably priced style consultations to help you choose the perfect one if you’re not sure what you want.

    1. Do you offer free estimates and land inspections for safety bollard installation?

    Andrew-Thomas Contractors is committed to understanding your goals and providing realistic cost estimates, which is why we offer free estimates and property inspections. In addition, we provide installation services all year round.

    1. What safety bollard styles are available for installation?

    Architectural, concrete, flexible, plastic, retractable, security, and light-equipped safety bollards are just some of the options we have available. Finding the perfect fit between your needs and our offerings is our top priority.

    1. How can I get started with safety bollard installation for my business?

    To get a no-obligation quote, visit our website or give us a call at 303-434-7926 to speak with Andrew-Thomas Contractors. We will help you choose the best safety bollards for your company and walk you through the entire procedure.

    1. Why is it important to install safety bollards in business areas?

    In commercial locations, safety bollards are essential for enhancing safety, preventing accidents, and protecting property and people. They reduce danger by creating an obvious and tangible barrier.

    1. Are safety bollards a cost-effective solution for businesses?

    Yes, safety bollards are an affordable way to make commercial environments safer. Affordable, individualized solutions are our goal here at Andrew-Thomas Contractors.

    Client Reviews

    Great experience with a company that has served Arvada and surrounding communities for many years. Received a fair, accurate estimate... a firm start date that the company honored... efficient installation and full clean up. With all the new construction on the NW side of town, fencing services are in demand and it is not cheap... but if you want a reputable company with a history of keeping its commitments, A-T Contractors is a great choice.
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    Dale Becker
    These guys were phenomenal, reasonably priced, and professional. They're definitely not monkeys in a truck looking for a quick buck. The care and quality of work speaks for itself. They made sure I stayed informed throughout the process, and that I was happy with the work before they sent a bill. I cannot recommend them enough.
    A profile picture of a smiling woman wearing black sunglasses who left a review for Andrew Thomas Contractors
    Julia Perry
    These guys were great! Kyle was very forthright in the scheduling and pricing. The team was extremely professional, finished the job in a timely fashion (1.5 days as promised) and did an excellent job constructing our fence. Our gate is on a hill so they had to custom build it and it really looks fantastic. I would definitely recommend!
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    Angie Roberts Selzer

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