Vinyl Fencing in Denver

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At Andrew-Thomas Contractors in Denver, we offer an extensive collection of vinyl fencing options in multiple designs and colors. If you are looking for a traditional, clean, vinyl fence look but only want it to be four feet, we can do that! If you want something a little more unique, we can do that too! At Andrew-Thomas Contractors, we work with the best manufacturers to ensure that we are providing you with the best, long-lasting materials for your Denver home’s backyard vinyl fence.

Benefits of a Vinyl Fence

Created to last a lifetime

Vinyl fences are five times stronger than wood and most alternative fencing materials.

No painting or staining required

Unlike wood fences, vinyl never required refinishing!

Low maintenance

Just like there is no necessary painting or staining, vinyl requires little maintenance. If you feel as though your fence needs to be cleaned off, basic household products can be used on it to clean it.

Weather resistant

Vinyl is a high quality fence made from durable materials therefore it can withstand harsh Denver weather.

Does not rust or naturally decompose

Unlike wood or metal fencing, vinyl will not wither away from outdoor elements.

Low cost fencing option

Both fence installation and fencing materials are available for a low-cost when compared with alternative fencing materials.

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Choosing the Right Vinyl Fence

Deciding which type of vinyl fence is the right fence for your property and unique needs can be a challenge. A fence is an investment; not something that you think about replacing or want to replace very often. That’s where Andrew-Thomas Contractors comes in! We have over 15 years of experience installing, repairing and replacing fences. It is our goal to get to know our customers so we can find them the perfect fence fit for their needs.

Vinyl fences require little to no maintenance. If your new fence gets damaged, we can easily replace the broken area without having to completely reinstall a big section of your fence. One of the benefits a vinyl fence has is that each part is a separate panel meaning if one or a few get damaged, we only have to come in and replace the broken vinyl fence panels.

Some of our most popular vinyl fencing choices are your traditional white vinyl picket fence and a six foot privacy white vinyl fence. Although these are the two most popular types, that doesn’t mean we stop there! All of our vinyl fences come in traditional white, however, we can install or order a different colored vinyl fence that will complement your personality and lifestyle. If you want fancy posts or a unique gate, we can do that! Let us know the style you are looking for and we will be sure to get you the perfect fence!

Andrew-Thomas Contractors in Denver has been installing, repairing, and replacing vinyl fences for 15 years. Unlike other fence contractors, we offer fence installation year-round. Our company standard is to finish projects focusing on details and most importantly, deadlines. We strive as a whole to be accessible to you and provide you with the utmost friendly service.

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