Chain Link Kennel
Denver, CO

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    Andrew-Thomas Contractors understand the safety and security needs of your pets, but also allowing the freedom of being able to run around without sacrificing that freedom. Andrew-Thomas will work with you to design and install a kennel that best suits your furry best friend in the Denver area.

    With over 15 years of experience Andrew-Thomas Contractors stands behind their quality and experience. Andrew-Thomas believes that the quality also means safety. A Kennel that is built and designed by the experts at Andrew-Thomas Contractors is built to last and keep your animals safe and comfortable without sacrificing their ability to run around.

    Dog Kennels can also be a budget friendly alternative to a whole yard fence. If you have a property around Denver that does not have a fence or a whole yard fence may not be an option, a dog kennel would be a great idea to let mans best friend to run and enjoy fresh air without worrying about them running off. Kennels are a great way to keep your animals away from other animals who may be aggressive. Kennels can also be a great way to separate the animals on the other side of the fence who may not get along.

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