Denver Stair Railings

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    Hand rails are becoming more popular nowadays. Not only as a safety feature but to add curb appeal to your home. Whether it be on your front porch or back deck, Andrew-Thomas Denver Stair Railings Contractors in Denver CO can help design custom outdoor stair railings for your home or commercial property. Have one of our professionals come out and give you a free estimate on your new hand rail or take a look to see if they can repair your current hand rail.

    Hand Rail Installation

    At Andrew-Thomas Contractors, we can customize a hand rail for any location in or around Denver CO. If you need a new outdoor hand rail installed on your front entryway, we can do that. If you already have an outdoor hand rail but it is worn and unstable, we can repair or replace the current handrail.

    We provide a free estimate prior to your hand rail installation begins. We then work with you during the design phase. Once you have decided on what material, design, and location you want your stair railing to be installed in, we then begin the hand rail installation process. It is our goal to stick to deadlines. We make it a priority to get in, get the job done, and leave behind only a brand new stair railing.

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    Wrought Iron or Wooden Hand Rail Installation

    Most entryways do not have a hand rail unless you have to walk up more than one or two steps. However, nowadays handrails are becoming more common for the safety of everyone. We work directly with you to design and install an outdoor handrail that will withstand all types of Denver CO weather conditions.

    Custom wrought iron hand rails are one of the leading types of hand rails installed around the Denver Colorado area. They provide an aesthetically pleasing look on any home. Our customers enjoy designing wrought iron hand rails since they get to pitch in their vision and we design it. Wrought iron hand rails are the most versatile handrail that can be installed.

    Wood handrails are very common to have installed around porches or back decks. They can be just as decorative as a wrought iron handrail at a lower cost. We work with many different types of wood materials to design the hand rail of your dreams. 

    We also install commercial hand rails

    Commercial hand rails are installed mostly for function and safety however, the design aspect and materials are just as important to your business. You don’t want a rotted, broken, or worn down handrail being the first thing people see when they visit your business. Upholding your business’s reputation is just as important as the safety of your customers. With Andrew-Thomas Contractors, we will make sure that your commercial property not only has a safe handrail but one that is aesthetically pleasing to uphold your business’s reputation.

    Trusted Hand Rail Contractors

    Although an outdoor hand rail might not seem like a huge undertaking of a project that could become a DIY project, there is a lot more behind it! Leave your new hand rail installation or repair to a professional from Andrew-Thomas Contractors in Denver CO.

    Whether you are in search of a simple stair hand rail made from wood or are looking to go a little fancier and go for a wrought iron hand rail, we can help you customize it to fit your home’s design and personal taste.

    An outdoor hand railing is more about the design rather than about manufacturing. At Andrew-Thomas Denver Stair Railings Contractors, we work with the best manufacturers to ensure that we provide each of our customers with the BEST quality hand rails. We are Denver’s trusted company when it comes to installing hand railings in Denver Colorado.

    Our Work

    Client Reviews

    Great experience with a company that has served Arvada and surrounding communities for many years. Received a fair, accurate estimate... a firm start date that the company honored... efficient installation and full clean up. With all the new construction on the NW side of town, fencing services are in demand and it is not cheap... but if you want a reputable company with a history of keeping its commitments, A-T Contractors is a great choice.
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    Dale Becker
    These guys were phenomenal, reasonably priced, and professional. They're definitely not monkeys in a truck looking for a quick buck. The care and quality of work speaks for itself. They made sure I stayed informed throughout the process, and that I was happy with the work before they sent a bill. I cannot recommend them enough.
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    Julia Perry
    These guys were great! Kyle was very forthright in the scheduling and pricing. The team was extremely professional, finished the job in a timely fashion (1.5 days as promised) and did an excellent job constructing our fence. Our gate is on a hill so they had to custom build it and it really looks fantastic. I would definitely recommend!
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    Angie Roberts Selzer

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    FAQs for Denver Stair Railings with Andrew-Thomas Contractors

    1. Why should I consider installing or repairing a stair railing on my property?

    Decorative and functional, stair railings are a great investment for any building. They are a practical and attractive way to provide safety to porches, decks, and any other location with stairs.

    1. What services do Andrew-Thomas Contractors offer for stair railings?

    Outdoor stair railings for Denver, CO homes and businesses are our forte. We also install, repair, and replace them.

    1. Can I get a free estimate for a new stair railing or repair?

    In a heartbeat! Fill out the online form or give Andrew-Thomas Contractors a call at 303-434-7926 to get a free quote.

    1. What materials are available for hand rail installation?

    We may make it according to your specifications using materials like wood and wrought iron. Wood is an affordable ornamental alternative, while wrought iron is both functional and beautiful.

    1. Do you work with customers to design custom hand railings?

    Yeah, we work with clients to create unique hand railings that complement their house and reflect their style.

    1. Are wood hand railings a cost-effective option?

    For decks and porches, wood hand railings are a popular and affordable choice. To make the custom hand rail you’ve always wanted, we use a wide variety of wood materials.

    1. Do you also install commercial hand railings?

    Without a doubt, we install practical and safe commercial hand railings. The design and materials utilized to maintain the company’s reputation are our top priorities.

    1. How does the hand rail installation process work?

    We offer free estimates, collaborate with you throughout the design process, and then start the installation as soon as you decide on the material, design, and location. We intend to complete the job on time and replace the stair railing.

    1. Is it necessary to hire professionals for outdoor hand railing projects?

    Although installing an outdoor hand rail may appear to be a simple DIY project, there are actually quite a few moving parts. Experts at Andrew-Thomas Contractors watch over every detail to make sure it’s perfect.

    1. How can I view examples of your work and read client reviews?

    If you are interested in learning more about the expertise and quality of our stair railing services, you can find examples of our work and client evaluations on our website.

    1. Are you a trusted company for hand railings in Denver, Colorado?

    We have been building hand railings for over 15 years, making us the preferred firm in Denver. Providing our clients with high-quality hand rails is our top priority.

    1. How can I get started with a new hand railing installation or repair?

    For a free quote and to begin working on your hand railing project right now, call Andrew-Thomas Contractors at 303-434-7926 or use the online form.