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    When you think of installing a new wood fence around your Denver area home’s property, you often think of a quaint wooden picket fence. Wood fencing can be installed in more than just a picket style. These fences come in a variety of styles, including a board on board fence, privacy fence, over scalloped and under scalloped fence options and more. If you are thinking about having a wood fence installed in your backyard, contact Andrew-Thomas Contractors.

    Types of Wood Fences

    Wood fencing is extremely cost-effective and one of the most popular types of fences due to the versatility of wood. At Andrew-Thomas Contractors, we have a plethora of different styles of wood fences and different types of wood for your fence. Whether you are looking for a cedar fence or a traditional white picket fence, we can install it for you.

    Below you will find some of our most popular types of wood fences installed. However, if none of these appeal to you, we can work directly with you to customize a new fence.

    Solid board wood fence

    Solid Board Wood Fence

    Solid board fencing, or a wood privacy fence is one of the most popular six foot types of wood fences installed. Solid board wooden fences provide your backyard with the privacy you need. A solid board fence is one of the most versatile and sturdy wood fences you could have installed.

    Spaced picket wood fence

    Spaced Picket Wood Fence

    When you think of a true American home, often a white picket fence comes to mind. Picket fences can be installed at multiple heights in multiple styles. Picket fences are the most popular four foot fence installed on residential properties. Our picket fences can also be designed with unique, personalized decorative posts or post caps. Contact our fence contractor for more details on a custom spaced picket fence.

    Six feet tall wood picket fence installed in a yard

    Solid Board Wood Fence

    Board-on-board fencing, or shadowbox fencing is typically installed at the six foot height. Board-on-board fencing is the most ‘neighbor friendly’ as it does not have a ‘bad’ side to it. Both sides look the same creating a more welcoming style for both parties on either side of the fence. Shadowbox fencing is a semi-private fence which allows for privacy but not total privacy like a solid board fence.

    Horizontal solid wood fence

    Horizontal Solid Wood Fence

    Horizontal solid wood fencing is similar to a solid privacy fence however it is horizontal as opposed to vertical. They make for a great semi-private fence that can be installed with a unique design in mind.

    Split rail wood fence in a farm lot

    Split Rail Wood Fence

    A split rail fence is a great addition to your farmland or acreage lot. Split rail fences provide a unique, rural feel to any property. Andrew-Thomas Contractors can install a new two or three split rail fence on your property. For a more personalized split rail fence, contact us and we can design a custom made split rail fence design just for you!

    Custom wood fence

    Custom Wood Fence

    Don’t see a fence style you want to have installed or you aren’t sure of which would look best on your property? No problem! Andrew-Thomas Contractors’ professional staff can help you find the perfect fitting fence for your property. We can create the perfect custom fence style and look.

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    Denver’s Trusted Local Wood Fence Contractor

    Andrew-Thomas Contractors is Denver’s trusted choice when it comes to finding a local fence contractor. We are the place to go when you are in search of having a wood fence installed. We can provide your Denver home’s backyard or commercial property with a unique, aesthetically pleasing, functional, and custom made wood fence. Andrew-Thomas Contractors has an extensive array of wood fence panels to choose from so you can find the most fitting new fence design for your home.

    With over 15 years of experience in fence installation, we are the trusted local fence contractor for Denver and surrounding areas. Our crews are highly trained and come with the knowledge and expertise to install any fence in any location.

    Wooden Fence FAQs

    How long does a wooden fence last? 

    Untreated wooden fences can last anywhere from 4 to 30 years depending on material and care. Hardwoods like cedar last about 15 to 30 years while softwoods like spruce last around 4 to 7 years. Treated wood lasts longer such as around 20 years for spruce and 40 years for cedar.

    How much does a 6-foot wooden privacy fence cost? 

    The cost of a wooden privacy fence ranges from $35 and $55 or more per linear foot depending upon the style. This includes the cost of labor and materials. Other factors that influence the total cost include the type of wood and the desired style.

    How often do wood fences need to be replaced? 

    Wood fences should be replaced about every 15 to 25 years to maintain maximal protection and aesthetics. Environmental factors like wind lead to leaning, and moisture from the ground and weather leads to eventual rotting and splitting. To increase the longevity of wood fences, ensure your fence is treated with a preservative to withstand these factors.

    How do I extend the life of my wood fence? 

    You can extend the life of your wood fence by having your fence cleaned roughly every five years to remove built-up dirt and mildew. Also, getting your fence painted and stained helps to seal out moisture and protect against weathering in the long run. Between these periods of maintenance, inspect your fence every year to look for signs of damage. Individual panels and posts may need to be repaired or replaced if they are decaying or missing pieces which will prevent the entire fencing from declining in quality.

    How do I know that my fence company is installing wooden fence posts to keep them from rotting? 

    To prevent wooden fences from rotting, your fencing company should offer you materials that are more resistant to rotting or that will last longer overall. Hardwoods like cedar are great options. Your fence company should also be reliable in proper installation to minimize the contact your fencing has with soil and excess moisture.

    Does it matter what type of wood is used to build a wooden fence? 

    Certain types of wood are more ideal for fences. Hardwoods like oak and redwood tend to be more expensive, but last longer. Softer woods like pine are less expensive but are more prone to rotting. The type of wood best suited for your fence depends on the look and style you are going for, and the amount of upkeep you are willing to put in. Talk to a trusted fencing company to select the best wood for you.

    Is the price difference worth it? 

    The type of wood used for fencing affects the total cost. More durable woods tend to cost more since they stand up to insects and don't rot as easily. Softwoods are more affordable as they are less durable and don't withstand conditions like dampness very well. If you want fencing that lasts a lot longer and does not require as much maintenance, investing in more durable woods is worth the price.

    What things can be done to make wooden fences decorative?

    You can transform the look of your wooden fences with unique styles. Some popular styles include privacy layouts and picket fence. You might also be able to customize your fencing layout depending on the fencing company. Another way to make wooden fences more decorative is to add outdoor decor. Some popular methods include adding plants along fences, adding string lights, and playing with color alternatives.

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