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Being a Centennial homeowner or commercial lot owner comes with added costs. A fence or handrail could be a necessity for your property and family’s needs. Don’t break the bank with a new fence installation or fence repair. Let Andrew-Thomas Contractors take care of you. We provide expert fence repairs, fence installations, and hand rail installs at an affordable cost.  Andrew-Thomas Contractors will also work with your Home Owners Association (HOA) to make sure that any fence installation is within their regulations as well as get any approval needed to start the installation process. 

Fence Repair Centennial

A fence not only keeps pets and children in and unwanted visitors out, it also adds great value to your Centennial home’s property. Keeping the added value to your home however requires work. If your fence appears to be in bad shape and is in need of a repair, contact Andrew-Thomas Contractors.

We are Centennial, CO trusted fence repair company. We address the problem and what needs to be repaired. Andrew-Thomas Contractors doesn’t repair more than what needs to be repaired on your fence. Whether it is a chain link fence, wood fence, vinyl fence, wrought iron fence, or any other type of fence that needs fence repair work done, we can do it.

Hand Rail Installation Centennial

Hand rails are becoming more popular nowadays. Not only as a safety feature but to add curb appeal to your home. Whether it be on your front porch or back deck, Andrew-Thomas Contractors in Centennial can help design a custom outdoor hand rail for your home or commercial property. Have one of our professionals come out and give you a free estimate on your new hand rail or take a look to see if they can repair your current hand rail.

Fence Installation Centennial

Perhaps you recently moved to a new location and are looking to install a new fence in your backyard or surrounding your Centennial commercial lot. Choosing the right style, color, size, and location of a new fence can be quite a challenge. Don’t sweat over it! At Andrew-Thomas Contractors, we can inspect your land prior to digging and offer a FREE estimate on a new fence installation. We are with you through the whole process.

Every new fence installation project is treated individually. No two projects are the same. For professional, trusted fence installers, choose Andrew-Thomas Contractors.

If you have a dog Andrew-Thomas Contractors can install a temporary 10×10 chain link dog run while your new fence is being installed to keep the hassle to a minimum.

Let us install a new fence, repair your fence, or install a new hand rail on your Centennial home’s property. We provide repairs and installations year-round, unlike other fence contractors.

Our Projects in Centennial

residential Wood Fence Installation in Centennial Colorado
residential Wood Fence Installation in Centennial Colorado
wooden Driveway Gate Installation in Centennial Colorado
vinyl Fence Installation in Centennial Colorado

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a Fence permit application?

Click here for Centennial fence permit applications.

How tall can I build my fence?

The maximum height for any fence in a residential zone district is 6 feet. In some instances, when adjacent to certain zone districts or arterial streets, a taller fence may be permitted. Fences constructed in the front of any residence shall not exceed 4 feet in height, and must be 50% opaque. Fences built in commercial and industrial zones may be up to 8 feet in height, depending on the material/ location.

Can my sign be illuminated?

Unless specified otherwise, all signs can be internally illuminated. Externally illuminated signs are not permitted.

Do I need a permit for a temporary sign?

Maybe. The City does require a permit for certain temporary signs, such as banners, while others may not receive a permit. Contact the City for regulations for your specific type of temporary sign.

Are there any additional restrictions for construction of a fence or sign not found in the Land Development Code?

Yes. Storage of dumpsters and building materials is not allowed within the public right-of -way. Precautions must be taken to maintain pedestrian and vehicle accessibility and safety at all times. All other City codes and regulations must be followed, including right-of-way regulations and all sections of the City’s Land Development Code.

Why Do I Need To Obtain A Fence / Sign Permit?

The City of Centennial requires a permit for all signs for the following reasons:

  • To promote the health, safety, and welfare of the public, including the safety of persons and property, by providing construction that does not create a hazard due to collapse, fire, decay, or abandonment.
  • To protect the economic and aesthetic value of the community.
  • To enhance the appearance of buildings and landscape in the City.

The City of Centennial requires a permit for all new fences to ensure fences comply with placement and height requirements of the City of Centennial Land Development Code.

All fences* and signs that are constructed without a required permit are in violation of the City of Centennial Land Development Code and are subject to enforcement.

*An ordinance effective September 10, 2012 states that fence permits are no longer required for the replacement of existing fences in the same location, at the same height, and using the same material.

How do I get a permit in Centennial?

  1. Visit centennialco.gov/onlinepermits

If you haven’t already, create an account on the Customer Service Portal and log in. To get a fence or sign permit in the City of Centennial, the first step is filling out the online permit application form and navigating to the fence or sign permit application located under the Apply -> Permits -> Fence Permit/Sign Permit.

This application form requires information such as:

  • Owner information
  • Contractor information
  • Location of fence/sign (site plan)
  • Details and size of fence/sign (illustration of fencing)
  • Value of labor/ materials
  • Submittal requirements
  1. Submit a copy of a Site Plan or Survey Along with the online application, you must submit a copy of a site plan. Depending on the location and extent of the fence/sign installation or replacement, City Staff may require a land survey that shows the location of the property lines in relation to the fence/sign. In many cases, a hand drawn or computer generated site plan is acceptable. Site Plan Requirements:
  • Include all measurements from property lines to the proposed fence or sign. NOTE: The location of a property line is most often NOT along a sidewalk or curb.
  • If submitting for a fence permit, show the specific area where the fence will be constructed, as well as the dimensions of the fence and required setbacks.
  • Fences must be 6 inches from sidewalk, if present or 5 feet from streets , if no sidewalk present. Fences are not permitted within required site triangles at street intersections or placed within the public right-of-way
  • If submitting for a sign permit, mark the location of the building where the sign will be placed, or the location of the site where a monument sign will be placed, and include a copy of the sign elevation drawings.
  1. Pay the necessary permit fees

To cover the cost of reviews and inspections for each permit, the City requires a minimum permit review fee. The minimum review fees are**:

  • Fence Permit $ 20.00
  • Sign Permit $ 50.00

**These are minimum fees. Additional fees may be required depending on the valuation of the proposed work. Fees are due at time of permit issuance and are based on the value of labor and materials.

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