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Being a Brighton homeowner or commercial lot owner comes with added costs. A fence or handrail could be a necessity for your property and family’s needs. Don’t break the bank with a new fence installation or fence repair. Let Andrew-Thomas Contractors take care of you. We provide expert fence repairs, fence installations, and hand rail installs at an affordable cost.  Andrew-Thomas Contractors will also work with your Home Owners Association (HOA) to make sure that any fence installation is within their regulations as well as get any approval needed to start the installation process. 

Fence Repair

A fence not only keeps pets and children in and unwanted visitors out, it also adds great value to your Brighton home’s property. Keeping the added value to your home however requires work. If your fence appears to be in bad shape and is in need of a repair, contact Andrew-Thomas Contractors.

We are Brighton, CO trusted fence repair company. We address the problem and what needs to be repaired. Andrew-Thomas Contractors doesn’t repair more than what needs to be repaired on your fence. Whether it is a chain link fence, wood fence, vinyl fence, wrought iron fence, or any other type of fence that needs fence repair work done, we can do it.

Hand Rail Installation

Hand rails are becoming more popular nowadays. Not only as a safety feature but to add curb appeal to your home. Whether it be on your front porch or back deck, Andrew-Thomas Contractors in Brighton can help design a custom outdoor hand rail for your home or commercial property. Have one of our professionals come out and give you a free estimate on your new hand rail or take a look to see if they can repair your current hand rail.

Fence Installation

Perhaps you recently moved to a new location and are looking to install a new fence in your backyard or surrounding your Brighton commercial lot. Choosing the right style, color, size, and location of a new fence can be quite a challenge. Don’t sweat over it! At Andrew-Thomas Contractors, we can inspect your land prior to digging and offer a FREE estimate on a new fence installation. We are with you through the whole process.

Every new fence installation project is treated individually. No two projects are the same. For professional, trusted fence installers, choose Andrew-Thomas Contractors.

Andrew-Thomas Contractors can install a temporary 10×10 chain link dog run while your new fence is being installed to keep the hassle to a minimum.

Let us install a new fence, repair your fence, or install a new hand rail on your Brighton home’s property. We provide repairs and installations year-round, unlike other fence contractors.

Fence Installations We have Done Brighton, co

Brighton Fence Installation

Both residential and commercial properties benefit from having fences because they are a timeless and traditional addition. Fencing is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional, serving purposes like improving curb appeal and aesthetics as well as more practical ones like security and access control.

One of the top companies for installing fences in the area is Andrew-Thomas Contractors, which has a longstanding reputation in the industry. Our skilled team of fence installers are dedicated to exceeding client expectations and have years of combined experience in the field.

We can handle any project, no matter how big or small, from fence installs to repairs and complex replacements.

What Clients Can Expect When Hiring Us:

  • Free quote and consultation on fence solutions

  • Professional and courteous service

  • Superior craftsmanship that lasts

  • Guaranteed performance

  • High-quality materials that are as aesthetic as they are durable

  • Projects completed on time and on-budget


To increase the worth and value of their property, many homeowners spend money on fences. A fenced-in yard is frequently thought of as a component of the ideal home, even though few homeowners actually adhere to the exact image of a white picket fence, both for property protection and to give your canines somewhere to run.

Fences help transform a yard into a refuge by providing security and solitude.

But what happens if that safe haven begins to fall apart? Fences don’t last forever, much like most things in house ownership. They eventually need to be fixed, and sometimes replaced.

Fence Repairs vs. Installations

While many problems, like loose boards or sagging gates, may appear to be surface-level, there may be deeper problems at play; termites, dry rot, and soil erosion just to name a few. It’s best to contact a professional company to assess the damage before starting any fence repairs. The teams at Andrew Thomas Contractors are well-trained to identify any problems right away. From evaluation and measurement through installation or repairs, we’ll guide you through every step, assisting you in making the greatest choice for your budget and yard.


The white picket fence has become synonymous with homes, but there are actually a number of other fencing options. Metal, wood, and vinyl are the three basic types of residential fencing.

Metal Fencing

Metal fencing won’t rust or attract pests like wood does. Materials used are frequently weatherproofed with coatings to prevent rusting. These fences are extremely aesthetically pleasing, utilitarian, and durable.

Wood Fencing

Wooden fencing is one of the most aesthetically pleasing choices since it has a traditional, timeless appearance. Because of its strong panels and ability to absorb sound, wood is also the perfect material for privacy fences. Repainting, staining, and replacing damaged boards are just a few examples of repairs.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is more durable than wood while maintaining a similar aesthetic, and it does not require painting or refinishing. It has many different sizes and shapes, giving people additional alternatives for aesthetic appeal.

Our skilled staff can help you go through the choices, outlining the benefits and drawbacks of each, and guiding you toward the solution that best fits your needs in terms of budget, goals, and expectations.

Contact Andrew-Thomas Contractors in Brighton, CO today for a FREE estimate on a new fence or a fence repair.


To ensure long lasting residential fencing a professional should be hired for fence installation, repair, and maintenance. It takes a lot of work and can be difficult than you think, especially if your homeowners organization has strict fencing guidelines.

A professional staff can frequently complete tasks that take DIYers at least a week to complete in a single short day of work. The installation of your fence will be done correctly, will look fantastic, and will last for a long time if you hire a skilled contractor.

Analyzing repairs is another incentive to contact an expert. Our knowledgeable staff are trained to identify the full scope of damage, not just what is immediately apparent. Additionally, we can assist you in determining if fence repair or replacement would be a better investment.


Brighton has certain laws and guidelines surrounding the construction of fences, just as the majority of Colorado’s cities and authorities.

We are a locally owned and operated business, so we are very familiar with how to expedite the permitting process and submit a successful application. We collaborate with our clients to make sure this procedure is completed on schedule and that all installations meet or surpass local code standards.

Further information about the city’s fence regulations can be found by contacting the Brighton Community Development office or by visiting their Fence Regulations Page.

For more information for homeowners, click here.

Do I need a permit to build a fence in Brighton, CO? Check here.

City of Brighton Community Development

500 S 4th Avenue

Brighton, CO 80601

Phone: 303-655-2000

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Whatever your fencing needs, Andrew-Thomas Contractors is here to help! Our fencing teams are ready to help you every step of the way in choosing and installing your fence.

ADAM’S COUNTY FENCES General Permit Requirements


Building permits are not required for fences 3.5 feet (42 inches) in height and under. For fences over 3.5 feet in height, building permits can be applied for through our E-Permit Center.


  • Agricultural Uses – Unsubdivided Properties The maximum height of fencing, walls, and screening shall be 96 inches, which may include 4 strands of barbed wire forming the top 18 inches. All fences more than 42 inches in height require a building permit. All walls more than 24 inches in height require a building permit.
  • Agricultural Uses – Subdivided Properties The maximum allowed fence height is 54 inches between the front setback line and a front property line.
  • Commercial Uses The maximum height of fencing, walls, and screening shall be 96 inches, which may not include more than 4 strands of barbed wire forming the top 18 inches or less of the fence, placed at a 45-degree angle.
  • Industrial Uses The maximum height of fencing, walls, and screening shall be 96 inches, which may include more than 4 strands of barbed wire forming the top 18 inches or less of the fence, placed at a 45-degree angle.


Maximum Height – 6 feet (72 inches).

All fencing between the front setback line and front property line greater than 3.5 feet (42 inches) shall not be screen fencing and shall adhere to sight distance requirements.

Barbed wire and electric fences are prohibited as an external boundary fence. Horse enclosures, where permitted, may be constructed of barbed wire or electric fence but shall be set back from the property line a minimum of 5 feet.


Brighton Fence Installation Reviews

star ratings
very responsive and helpful

We had a fence installed to secure the backyard. We also had the decrepid chain-link gate accessing our property from the alley replaced. While it took a full eight weeks from the time we accepted the estimate, it was well worth the wait. Kyle was very responsive and helpful with all of our questions and ensured that locates were completed accurately for the project. Further, Jose and Ricardo were friendly, professional, and meticulous with their work. We are very satisfied customers! The before and after says it all.

Kelly Boyle

star ratings
amazing built fence

This is an amazing built fence. The Ander-Thomas Contractors were very easy to work with. They are knowledgeable and do not beat around the bush or take the sale over the top. Competitive pricing, great options, and no BS. The fence crew that came out were top notch too. Jose has been doing this for 28 years and was very kind in asking me my preference on a certain things such as door closing etc, and even offered alternative options. Not to mention he built an amazing fence in 2 days. Highly recommend Andrew-Thomas Contractors and the fencing professionals they use.

Dylan Dolezal

star ratings
Great positive experience!

We had a fence put up around our entire property, after many months of planning (on our part!). We had a pretty extensive project that first required lots of grading work, and a retaining wall. Joe was really great about being in communication with the Concrete team so that the two parts of the project were done swiftly and with minimal disruption to neighbors, etc. I couldn't believe how quickly this team worked! They were really responsive about listening to specifics, asking questions, and guiding us as we went along. (During the projects, we needed to shorten the pickets on site, and they were all very accommodating to our needs for this). The fence went up really quickly, and they finished up and cleaned up while we were out of the house. I was extremely surprised at how well they cleaned up... it was like they had never even been there at all- no evidence of work, except we returned home to a beautiful fence and gate. They were also extremely considerate and respectful of working with our neighbors during the process as well. I would absolutely recommend Andrew-Thomas Contractors (and did to our back neighbors who would like to replace a different portion of their fence). Great positive experience!

osei and amy may

star ratings
families are very happy

After reviewing bids from several fencing companies, we hired Andrew-Thomas Contractors to replace an old split rail fence around our backyard. Three of our neighbors then joined in to include their backyards as well hoping to complete all the fencing replacements at the same time. From the start of the process working with the A/T estimator, to the office scheduler, and finally to the install crew, everyone was friendly, helpful, respectful, courteous, and extremely professional. All four families are very happy with how the project progressed and with the appearance of our new fences in addition to the six gates that were also installed. We all enthusiatically recommend Andrew-Thomas Contractors for any fencing needs. It is worth noting that their pricing was competitive and fair and they were the only company we interviewed that did not have an up charge to use a credit card.

Candace Grosz

star ratings
Very satisfied customer!

Had to wait a couple months for work to begin, but they kept me informed, gave me a start date, showed up as promised and did an excellent job. Jose’ was great to work with and turned out a wonderful finished product. Kyle kept me informed as to which days and times they would be out due to weather conditions. Very satisfied customer!

Patty Fowles

star ratings
crew did an amazing job

Kyle responded quickly to my request for an estimate. He was professional and answered all my questions. Jose and his crew did an amazing job and I am so pleased with the finished fence. I have a large yard and they completed removing the old fence and installing the new fence in three days.

Miriam Akselrod

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