Choosing the correct contractor is an important first step in improving your property with a new fence. To make sure that your fencing project goes off without a hitch and meets your expectations, this guide offers helpful advice that will be invaluable.

Understanding the Contractor Landscape

Get a good grasp on the many different types of contractors that can work on fences before you start looking for one. It is the responsibility of the fencing contractor to supervise the whole installation procedure, from the excavation of foundations to the precise positioning of posts. Think about the contractor’s track record, portfolio, communication style, and dedication to completing projects on schedule before hiring them.

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Factors to Keep in Mind


If you want to hire a contractor, ask around for referrals and read reviews online to get a feel for their reputation.


Check the contractor’s previous work to ensure it matches your project goals.


It is crucial to have open and efficient communication. Select a contractor who always places a premium on open communication.

Commitment to Timelines

Check the contractor’s track record of delivering on reasonable project deadlines to see how seriously they take your requirements.

Clear and Open Pricing

To get a good grasp on the expenses, choose a contractor who gives you honest and thorough estimates.

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Local Recommendations and Online Reviews

Before making a final choice, it’s a good idea to get some local recommendations and read some reviews online. A contractor’s cost, dependability, and general performance can be better understood with the help of feedback from homeowners who have experienced comparable jobs.

Leveraging Review Websites for Insight

Checkatrade and similar review services provide objective feedback on a contractor’s work. By providing an unbiased perspective on finished projects, these platforms let you learn from the mistakes of others and make smarter decisions going forward.

Obtaining Multiple Estimates

To make an educated decision, it is a good idea to get various estimates for your fencing job. This will give you a better idea of the typical cost and allow you to compare the communication styles and work quality of different contractors. You can make a well-informed decision that fits your objectives and budget by following this approach.

Dealing with Possible Difficulties

The time and money needed to erect a fence could increase or decrease depending on how many complications crop up. Talk to the contractor you choose about things like planning permissions, obstacles, site slopes, and accessibility. This proactive approach fosters transparency and the management of expectations.

Asking the Right Questions to Get a Clear Picture

It is important to ask contractors pertinent questions to clarify specifics and expectations while engaging with them. To ensure a transparent and efficient partnership, it is important to inquire about utility lines, zoning rules, installation specifics, permits, and project timelines.

Why Andrew-Thomas Contractors Stand Out as the Ideal Choice

With a combination of knowledge, dependability, and service centered on the client, Andrew-Thomas Contractors stands out among fence contractors as the ideal option for your job. Reasons why Andrew-Thomas Contractors is the best choice among the alternatives are as follows:

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Proven Reputation

Andrew-Thomas Contractors has an excellent reputation and a history of successful projects in the Denver, CO area. Their years of experience and dedication to providing excellent service have earned them numerous testimonials and referrals.

Transparent Communication

Andrew-Thomas Contractors are known for their clear and straightforward communication. For a smooth and worry-free experience, they make it a point to keep clients informed about the manufacturing, construction, and material costs throughout the project.

Dedication to Timeliness

Andrew-Thomas Contractors recognizes the need to maintain project timeliness. Their reliability in meeting delivery deadlines reflects how seriously they take customer satisfaction. At Andrew-Thomas Contractors, they guarantee a timely and effective completion of your project.

Fair and Transparent Pricing

Andrew-Thomas Contractors offers honest and upfront pricing quotes so that clients know exactly what they’re getting into. They are a reliable and affordable option because their prices are in line with the value they provide.

A Wide Range of Projects

Andrew-Thomas Contractors’ varied portfolios highlight the high quality of their work. Their diverse portfolio showcases their adaptability and skill, making them an excellent choice for any fencing project, whether it’s a home or business.

Customer-Centric Approach

Andrew-Thomas Contractors is proud of its customer-centric approach, which brings us to our sixth point. Kindness, tidiness, and consideration for one’s own and others’ possessions are highly valued. By going with Andrew-Thomas Contractors, you’re picking a crew that cares about you and your happiness.

Trusted Local Expertise

Andrew-Thomas Contractors is well-versed in the specific climate and regulations of Denver, having worked as a fence installation crew for years in the area. Our local knowledge guarantees that your fence will withstand the weather conditions of Denver without sacrificing its aesthetic appeal.

Comprehensive Services

Andrew-Thomas Contractors isn’t only a fence company; they also fix fences, install driveway gates, build handrails, and install safety bollards. Their all-inclusive strategy allows them to meet all of your fencing needs in one convenient location.

When it comes to fence installation in Denver, CO, no one does it better than Andrew-Thomas Contractors. Their expertise, honesty, and dedication to their clients make them the best option. When it comes to building a fence for your property, Andrew-Thomas Contractors stands out as a dependable and trustworthy partner thanks to their emphasis on excellent workmanship and customer-centric approach.


Finally, it is essential to do your homework, give it some serious thought, and communicate well to choose the best fence contractor. You can make sure your fence project turns out well by giving importance to things like reputation, portfolio, and honest pricing. Before making an option that fits your vision, take the time to learn about the contractor landscape, read reviews and suggestions in your area, and get multiple estimates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Andrew-Thomas Contractors

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  1. Do I need a permit for fence installation in Denver?

Yes, fence installation is regulated by building codes in Denver and most other towns. To make sure you comply with all local requirements, Andrew-Thomas Contractors can help you get the permissions you need.

  1. How does Denver’s climate affect the durability of my fence?

The materials, design, weather, use, abuse, and upkeep of a fence all play a role in how long it lasts. Depending on the material, Andrew-Thomas Contractors can tell you how long something is likely to last.

  1. When installing, how do Andrew-Thomas Contractors deal with unanticipated difficulties?

Open communication about obstacles, such as rocky terrain, and possible solutions is a hallmark of Andrew-Thomas Contractors. An extra “rock charge” to pay for goods or labor can be necessary in certain situations.

  1. Can someone else be present when I have my fence installed?

You are not required to be present, but it is highly preferred. But to keep things running smoothly, it’s wise to remain reachable by phone in case of unexpected problems.